Cauliflower Rice

By | 02/26/2014

Cauliflower rice!


Great for fried rice, risotto, or making faux-flour baked goods.


Regardless of what method you use to cook, first wash and break down the cauliflower leaving just the florettes, though hang on to the smaller stalks, as they are a great addition to soups and stews.


Dry the cauliflower thoroughly. Then either grate by hand, or with a food processor, being mindful not to puree it.


From there you can microwave the ‘rice’ for about 6 minutes, and enjoy it as you would white rice, or you could be more creative and stirfry, or sauté it to make a more flavorful concoction.


If you choose to steam it, we recommend that you steam it before grating it.  This method is better for use in a softer dish like a risotto.

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