What are the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

By | 11/24/2013

What are the differences Between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 1 Diabetes: Some individuals may know this as “Juvenile diabetes,” yet a few may be diagnosed with the illness in adulthood. The primary distinction between Types 1 and 2 is that, the illness happens as an aftereffect of an immune system response that makes the body damage itself – particularly, the pancreas – stifling it’s ability to make insulin.

Accordingly, any sugar that is ingested, or any carbohydrate that is changed over in the digestive process into glucose can’t be properly utilized by the muscles as fuel. The sugar essentially builds in the blood, and will proceed to do so unless medication is used.


Type 2 Diabetes: This used to be alluded to as “adult onset,” until the plague of juvenile obesity became such an issue. This malady may be the consequence of a metabolic strain on one’s system, because of being overweight or a lack of physical activity. Once in a while it only happens as one ages. The pancreas might have troubles processing enough insulin to stay in tune to the measure of glucose. Clearly, with less sugar or starch ingested, the less strain on the exhausted pancreas. Likewise, a maintaining a lower weight, which has a positive impact, can help the system accomodate. These are by and large the first steps prescribed to a recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetic.

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