5 Surprising Diabetic Diet Foods to Avoid

By | 11/06/2013

There may be some favorites of yours in the list, but with some moderation, and a couple good substitutions, you can still enjoy!

  1. Smoothie shop smoothies – Fruit and veggies are healthy right?  Well, yes, but many of the Smoothies you get at the shops are loaded with sugars, beyond all the fruit sugars, and those added to make them taste great, they are huge.  Instead, make a smoothy at home.  You can monitor portion size and content, plus you can add fiber which will only help you.
  2. Fruit Juice – Again, one would think fruit juices would be much better than something like a soft drink, while they may be better, it’s not better by much.  Fruit juices are often loaded with sugars because it’s both tastier and cheaper to produce. Instead try a little bit of real fruit juice water down, or with a diet lemon-lime soft drink.
  3. Frozen Meals – Even many of the options that market themselves at healthy come at the expense of high salt, high fat, high carbs, or a combination therein.  Instead – If you’re in a rush try a salad bar at your local super market, or consider some of the Atkins options.
  4. Processed Lunch Meat – Meat is good right? Well it is when it’s not heavily processed like many of the hams and bolognas available in the lunch meat section.  Much of what you’ll find there is fatty, sweetened, and full of sodium. Instead- Look for the unprocessed options from the deli counter, often they are unsweetened, and much leaner and less salty.
  5. Flavored Waters – Workout drinks look great on paper, hydration when you need it.  While that part is true, they are loaded with sugar.  Instead- Try options like crystal light with a bottle of water, or diet versions.
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