Traveling with Diabetes

By | 11/05/2013

Diabetes shouldn’t control your life, but you always need to be mindful of it, and traveling is no exception.

Remember that you are on vacation, but your diabetes isn’t On vacation people tend to indulge, be it food or drink  That is fine and well, but your body isn’t going to change how it copes with sweets or pasta, you have to be aware of your diabetic diet.  If you are traveling with a companion, make sure you inform them of your needs.

Pack accordingly Bring twice the amount of medicine and syringes you will need, and try to keep it all in your carry-on, you can’t afford to be without it your flight were to be delayed or disaster were to strike.  Plus, you never can be 100% sure that your bags will reach the same destination you do.

Bring a list of medications when you are going through the increased scrutiny at the airport it makes life much easier to have a list to reference if you are asked about your pins, pump, or vials.  If you wind up staying in your destination for an extended period, or losing some medication it can help you secure what you need to stay healthy.

On a plane, inject first, then eat A bumpy ride can mean delayed meal times, and you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you inject, but can’t eat.  If you can eat, inject shortly after, even if it’s bumpy for a bit you’ll find yourself in better shape if you consider this.

Wear a bracelet or necklace something that says you’re living with diabetes.  If disaster hits, be it a wreck in a cab, or worse, if you wind up in a bad spot it’s important for professionals to know how to treat you.  If they don’t know, they can’t help you.

A snack to treat low blood glucose While this is obvious, it can be easy to forget when you’re excited about traveling.  Make sure you pack at least one snack or drink to level you out if the need arises.  Again, you don’t always know if something like turbulence or a delay will keep you from being able to eat at a regular interval.

Be aware of time zones when traveling.  Some electronic devices will automatically update time, and many devices don’t.  If you don’t keep this in the back of your mind it can wreck havoc on your system, or at least throw off your schedule.

Avoid the water that includes ice, water, and just about anything that isn’t sterilized.  What can be a humorous but uncomfortable case of the trots for most, can be very dangerous to you.

Do not go barefoot As tempting as it may be to walk from your hotel to the beach barefoot, don’t.  A foot injury can get very dangerous very quickly.

Stay hydrated even if you aren’t going to be going to the sahara, remember you may be walking and sweating more than usual.  Don’t over do it, and be safe.

Safe traveling!


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