5 great snacks for a diabetic diet

By | 11/04/2013

Sometimes you need a snack but you don’t want many carbs, and you need to keep it healthy.  Here are 5 wonderful snacks for your diabetes diet.

Cucumbers and cream cheese

Healthy and satisfying. Cut up half a cucumber into thin slices, and cover them with a dab of spreadable cream cheese.  Cream cheese has some fat, but is low in sodium, and the cucumbers are nothing but good news.

Peanut butter and splenda

Sounds a little weird, but grab a spoonful of peanut butter and sprinkle on a little splenda.  You’ll enjoy this as a low carb, moderate fat and protein treat.  It’s very satisfying, and super enjoyable.

Guacamole and Vegatables

Crisp, fresh, and tasty!  Slice red sweet bell pepper, carrot sticks, and some store bought guacamole and you’ll have your vitamin A, vitamin C, a little fat, and barely any carbs!

Diabetic Snack

Strawberries and Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a great low cal snack with virtually no carbs, and strawberries are a great low carb, high fiber sweet treat.  They go great together!

Carrots, Celery and Ranch Dressing

Make a mini veggie tray with carrots, Celery and a dab of ranch dressing.  Low carbs, a little fiber, and a lot of crunch and flavor.  It’s a great light snack!



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