Avoid these 3 foods in your Diabetic Diet

By | 11/02/2013

If you’re at risk to diabetes, then you must know which 3 foods to avoid for your diabetic diet. It’s all part of a healthy life style, and being cautious of your blood glucose levels

It’s very important that you abstain from such foods that could be hurting you like these:

1. Foods that contain a high amounts of carbs – Cereals as well as other grains high in carbohydrates shouldn’t be added in your diet meal plan. With large amounts of carb heavy foods, your diabetic condition will become worse due to possible weight gain, and high glucose levels. So, you should try to avoid eating rice, pastas, and pastries as they’re very carb heavy.

2. Starchy vegetables – Although all veggies are accepted as beneficial to your health, there’s some varieties of vegetables that could be considered enemies for diabetics. Chiefly, potatos, parsnips, and beets are very starchy, and should be left, or eaten very sparingly. Leafy greens, however, are beneficial for diabetics to keep a well balanced diet for their health.

3. Sugary fruits- Though most fruits are seen as beneficial for health, fruits with a high sugar content can be detrimental for diabetics. Knowing this, you should avoid fruits like bananas, mangos, pineapples, and plantains. However, try reaching for strawberries, though they have a sweet flavor, they are high in fiber and relatively low in sugars.

Happy eating!

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