10 Sugar Free Drink Options

By | 11/02/2013

Sugary Sodas are one of the worst, most sugary, vices out there, and have no place in a diabetic diet.  Next time you need a beverage, try one of these great options instead!

  1. Water – An obvious choice.  Stay hydrated, clean out your system.  Just remember, too much of anything is bad.
  2. Tea (hot or iced) – A bit of flavor, add some sugar free sweetener if you must.  Teas also contain numerous beneficial elements.
  3. Black coffee (hot or iced) – Stronger, and not for everyone.  Caffine is a good pick me up, but again, be careful not to over do it, as caffine can dehydrate you.
  4. Club soda plain, or with sugar free flavor packets – A nice light soda with just about any flavor under the sun.
  5. Koolaide with stevia – It won’t have the crunch the sugary stuff has, but with light sweetener it can be great, and it’s cheap.
  6. Crystal Light – Though artificially sweetend, it can be watered down to taste.
  7. Sugar free energy drinks : Monster, Red Bull, etc.  Find a complete list here
  8. Zevia sweeted sodas – Available at your local health food stores, Zevia a brand of Stevia.
  9. Large brand diet sodas – Sometimes you just gotta have a Coke or Pepsi.  And it’s available almost everywhere.
  10. Vitamin Water Zero – Appears to be the most healthful of the diet sports drinks, it also truly has no calories.

Healthful Drinking!

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