What should you do about artificial sweeteners?

By | 11/01/2013

The idea is great, enjoy some sweetness without having to count more carbohydrates.  But be careful, not all artificial sweeteners are zero-carb, and again, we have to pay attention to the labels, and how they fit into a diabetic diet.

What are the options?









Each appear to have draw backs for some people as well, and that must be kept in mind. Women who are pregnant, should avoid Saccharine as it has been found to cross the placenta into fetal tissue, and may cause issues.  Aspatame contains phenylalanine, which some cannot metabolize.  The last three do contain some calories, and can slightly increase blood sugar.


According to the American Diabetes Association, artifical sweeteners can cause gas and other digestive distress, so that is another thing to be cautious of.


Save some absolutes, artifical sweeteners can be used in moderation, and can certainly help reduce sugar intake and the associated blood sugar spikes.


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