The basics of sugar

By | 10/31/2013


Fructose: (fruit sugar, levulose) One of the two most common naturally occurring dietary sugars, as it is primarily found in fruits. It does not often cause large spikes in glucose levels.

Glucose: (corn sugar, dextrose) Another common natural sugar. The body creates glucose by digestion and breaking down carbohydrates into glucose, and can build to dangerous levels in the blood if not regulated.

Galactose: Another monosaccharide, that when combined with glucose create lactose.


Sucrose: (beet sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, raw sugar, saccharose, sugar) A naturally occurring sugar from cane or beets. This is what we often think of as sugar, and is comprised of glucose and fructose.

Maltose: Formed when certain grains germinate, most commonly in the conversion of barley to malt.

Lactose: This is milk sugar, and makes up slightly less than 5% of cow milk.


Dulcitol: This is sugar alcohol, and is naturally occuring

Saccharin: The most common artificial sweetener in the US.


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