The importance of a diabetic diet, and what to eat.

By | 10/30/2013

Diabetics cannot make or properly use insulin, which leads to high blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. Your diet is the best way to maintain stable levels of glucose to prevent issues and maintain good health, keeping a proper diabetic diet.

Your doctor may have set you up with a meal plan, or brought in a nutritionist, but sometimes they don’t, and this is why it is important to research this on your own.

A good diet for a diabetic takes into account:

  • Limiting foods high in starch and sugar
  • Eating at regular intervals through the day
  • Care in the amount and frequency of carbohydrate consumption
  • Eating a variety of healthy, vitamin rich foods through the day
  • Limiting your use of alcohol
  • Minimizing salt consumption
  • Not over indulging in food, especially carbohydrate heavy foods
  • Drinking enough water and staying hydrated
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