Diabetic diet vs Atkins Diet, Keto Diet, and Low Carb Diet

By | 10/25/2013

Keto, Atkins, Low-Carb.

All of these diets have been all over the news in the last decade, and as a diabetic, you know you must watch your carbohydrate intake, and all these have that in common.  Monitor and, to a point, restrict carbs.

But what’s the difference?

Mostly a matter of extremes.

The Atkins diet was developed by Dr. Robert Atkins in 1963 as a remedy for obesity, after he had shot north of 250lbs.  The good doctor had read the research of Dr. Alfred Pennington who suggested the removal of starches and sugars.  Which diabetics know is something that must be monitored and accounted for.  Dr. Atkins proffered that an overabundance of carbs caused over production of insulin, thus leading to weight gain.  Again, this is familiar territory.

The Atkins diet was for weightloss though, not managing a medical condition.

What about Ketosis?

Another buzzword, and popular diet.  This is effectively the same thing.  Drastic reduction in carbohydrate consumption to cause the body to go into ketosis.  A state where ketones are produced, and body uses those ketones as the primary means of fuel rather than glucose.

Ok, so what is a diabetic diet?

Beyond all else, it’s a diet that can help maintain and regulate blood sugars.  Do away with spikes, and reduce weight for type II diabetics.

That depends on who you ask.  The American Diabetes Association and Mayo Clinic both suggest a moderate, and diverse diet low in fat with regular meal times.  The idea is to not restrict, lose weight (for type 2), and control spikes.  This is most certainly different from Keto or Atkins!

Many type 2, and some controlled type 1 diabetics swear by using Atkins/ Keto methods (both should consult their doctors first, as it may warrant a change in medication). Principally for type 2 diabetics it promotes great weight loss, while still maintaining a satisfied feeling that many achieve with fats.  This coupled with intense monitoring of carb intake has won the hearts and kept the health of many.

Regardless of which path you choose, be mindful of consumption, and count your carbs.

Healthy eating!

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