The basics of blood levels and the diabetic diet.

By | 10/05/2013

Blood sugar level chart is based on the guidelines established by the American Diabetes Association. This displays roughly where blood sugar levels should be depending on your condition as well as basing levels around the last time food was consumed referencing the milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) in your blood.

Diabetic sugar level chart

The blood sugar levels chart is a quick reference to determine where blood sugar levels should be, and is not a replacement medical advice, and as is always good advice to those living with diabetes, if you are not sure, ask you doctor!

Fasting is the state where your body has the bulk of the glucose removed from the bloodstream, this depleted glucose level somes after roughly 8 hours without food.

As the chart shows, blood sugar increases after a meal as food is digested and glucose is absorbed into the blood. Blood sugar level falls as insulin does it’s work of moving the glucose from the blood through your body. Keeping your glucose levels in the range of this chart is crucial to maintaining stable levels.

Diabetic Diet Sugar Levels

Surgar levels through the day

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